Anyone Can Champion A Cause!

As an advocate, you can help influence important decisions that affect at-risk children and families in our community.

State government is a critical partner in furthering our work and achieving our goals. Despite the committed efforts of nonprofit organizations and the generous support of private sector and religious communities, our resources alone cannot achieve long-term community-level change. Public sector partnerships and investments are also needed in order to achieve lasting solutions to the challenges our communities face.

Get Involved

Get involved in advocacy and be a voice for positive change in Reno County. Whether it's advocating for policies that support education, healthcare, financial stability, or disaster recovery, your voice matters. Join United Way of Reno County in advocating for initiatives that benefit our community and help create a brighter future for all. Together, we can make a difference and drive meaningful change.


Know Who Represents You

Knowing who represents you in your local and state legislature is crucial for effective advocacy and civic engagement. Your local representatives, such as city council members and county commissioners, make decisions that directly impact your community's daily life, from local taxes to public services. On the state level, your representatives in the legislature craft laws and policies that affect issues like education, healthcare, and transportation. By staying informed about your representatives and their actions, you can actively participate in the democratic process, advocate for your community's needs, and hold your elected officials accountable.

Find your Kansas Representatives Here.


Do's and Don'ts

When interacting with legislative representatives, be informed, respectful, and focused on your message. Do your research, schedule appointments, and articulate your concerns clearly and courteously. Listen actively and be open to dialogue. Avoid being confrontational, making unrealistic demands, or engaging in disrespectful behavior, as it hinders productive communication and undermines your credibility.