Family Healthcare

Empowering Health and Well-being: United Way's Commitment to Community Wellness

We believe that access to affordable, quality health coverage and care is fundamental to thriving communities. We are committed to increasing access to health insurance and regular healthcare for children and adults alike, encompassing not only physical but also mental and oral health. Through education initiatives promoting healthy eating and active living, we strive to empower individuals and families to build strong foundations for success in life. Join us in our mission to foster healthier, happier communities for all.






Building Healthy Communities: United Way's Health Goals

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to ensuring that every child and family has access to affordable health services, nurturing their well-being and empowering them to embrace healthy lifestyles. We believe that access to quality healthcare is not just a privilege but a fundamental right, essential for fostering thriving communities. By prioritizing affordability and accessibility in healthcare, we aim to lay the groundwork for healthier futures and brighter opportunities for all.

Our Healthcare Goal Is:

  • Children and families have access to affordable health services to improve their overall health and foster healthy lifestyles




How We Help

Through our network of community-funded partners, innovative programming, and strategic community partnerships, we're dedicated to delivering vital health services to those in need. From preventative care to mental health services, our comprehensive approach ensures that individuals and families have access to the support and resources necessary to achieve and maintain optimal health. Together, we're building healthier communities in Reno County one initiative at a time.

Community Funded Partners

United Way of Reno County stands behind several local non-profits dedicated to enhancing healthcare, including mental health services, in our community. These organizations include:

  • Horizons Mental Health
  • Hospice of Reno County
  • YMCA

See a full list of our Funded Community Partners here.


United Way Direct Programs

United Way's Direct programs focus on healthcare initiatives, including our Single Care Prescription Drug Program, Delta Dental, and Reno Connections. These programs provide essential medications, dental care, and community resource links, reflecting our commitment to accessible and equitable healthcare for all.

Reno ConnectionsReno Connections

Reno Connections is a United Way of Reno County program, thanks to the Early Childhood Block Grant, and is in partnership with The Hutchinson Public Library.  Through this program we are building a comprehensive case management, systems navigation, and referrals platform.  This is a low-barrier program that aims to empower families to achieve their goals and not only maintain stability but work towards thriving.


Single CareSingle Care Prescription Program

United Way's Single Care Discount Prescription Drug Program is a lifeline for many in our community, ensuring individuals can afford the medication they need. By providing significant savings on prescription drugs, this program alleviates financial strain and ensures that vital healthcare remains accessible to all. 


Delta DentalDelta Dental Savings Program

The Delta Dental program in Reno County offers up to $3,000 in basic dental care coverage for just $10 per year. It ensures everyone in the region has access to essential dental services, promoting better oral health and overall well-being. 

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Community Partnerships

United Way of Reno County's Community Partnership initiative is dedicated to collaborative impact in addressing healthcare needs within our communities, including mental health. By uniting resources and efforts through strategic partnerships and collective action, we drive meaningful change and foster sustainable solutions for individuals in our community.

Here are a few of the programs we are leading or engaging with in Reno County, specifically focused on healthcare, to make progress:

  • Mental Health Community Council
  • Stepping Up Community Council
  • Reno Connections
  • Reno Recovery Collaborative
  • HEAL Reno County
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield: Pathways Grant Implementation




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